To all the people I know in real life.

You do not know me.
Trust me on this one.
You only know what is on the outside, not what is on the inside.
It is the inside that counts right?

You probably don’t talk to me that often.
I just don’t think that, I know that.
I try to be friendly, but you probably just think I’m strange.
So, in order to make myself feel better, I started to blog.
And blog.
And blog some more.

When I don’t blog, I’m making music.
This is my guitar.
I write songs.
I play in three bands.

You think that I don’t have friends.
But I have them.
You just don’t know them.
They are artists, writers, musicians and just good people.
No one asks me about them though.

I get lonely sometimes.
That’s why I’m in a bad mood.
If I am ever angry at you,
I’m probably just upset because I’m by myself for most of the day.
It isn’t you, I promise.

Be warned.
I have no sensor button.
I speak my mind
100% of the time.